20 März 2015

Märkte und Wanderungen mit Freunden auf Santiago

Most of our hikes begin with shopping at some market for food and drink.
Eva's fingers grabbing good alface.

 Our favourite: spicy sausages in a bread roll.

Some people can't look at this: chicken alive and dead. But this is a sight that gives food for deep philosophical thought, - and a good meal. If it does not turn you into a vegetarian.

 After the visit of the market we meet in a cafe:
The staff at Pao Quente, a good bakery.

The big Kapoktree at Boa Entrada.
 Grogo tasting at a destillery:

 A desert hike at the west coast:
  The sand-ladies of Aguas Belas:

Sherpa Eva leading a steep descent.

 Vasile helped her to put the heavy bucket on her head!
 With about 15 kg on their head they walk up a rock face in flip-flops.

 Eva finds the stone again which she left 2 weeks before! Later she looses it again!

 Eva's stone is lying somewhere here. She put it down to lend our friend a hand.
 Fishermen at Ribeira da Barca

 At Sucupira Market in Praia: making sandals.
Piglets waiting with tied trotters to be taken home.
 Our friends buying purga oil at the market in Praia.

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