16 März 2015

A new hike over the mountains of central Santiago Island

Starting from the main road over Mercado, on the way to Picos, this trail takes you over Boca Larga, Fundura and Cutelo Matinho into the fertile valley of Picos and out to Pedra Badejo. This is real Santiago back-country. Little farmhouses, friendly people,
The views are tremendous, the walking rather gentle. It took us 5 hours to reach the gravel road in the  river-bed near the school at Matinho from where we took the car back home.

Buying roast pork rolls ot the road-side
this lady walked home (1hr) with some firewood
good training for Nepal!!

fetching water

isolated farmhouses, one hour walk to the nearest road

this year the corn harvest was very poor
everybody takes home some firewood
Fredy asking for the way

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