27 Januar 2016

Birding on Santiago Island, Cabo Verde, January 2016

endemic Swift, Apus alexandri

endemic Purple Heron

endemic Warbler, Acrocephalus brevipennis

behaving like a Reed Warbler
Herr und Frau Jagosperling
our workplace, unser Arbeitsplatz

juveniler Turmfalke

23 Januar 2016

First birding days on Santiago Island, Cabo Verde

endemic Purple Heron now breeds near the reservoir of Poilao
somewhere here there will be our hide

Sanderling on the beach near the house
Golden Plover, European or American??

the grey underwings prooves it is dominica!!

Kentish Plover eating a dragonfly larva (?)
the big lagoon near Pedra Badejo

21 Januar 2016

Ankunft und Eröffnung des Jugendzentrums. Arrival and Opening of Youth Center.

We find the house in good shape and the garden full of flowers after a summer with much rain. Hopefully the green will survive the winter storms.

The youth group CARETA, whom we support, has cooperated with the local authorities and has managed to renovate the desolate building which was supposed to be a youth center. It now is a "library". The opening ceremony was a big event.

Jaquelino, the poet, Djonny, the leader, Sr. Silva, the mayor.

Nishka in the middle, Fredy on the right, Jaquelino left.

The mayor likes the catchupa!

Catchupa (in the big pot) at sunset

Members of the CARETA group