25 Januar 2015

Brasilien, Fortaleza, Ceara, Club Barbanera


Club Barbanera is run by a very friendly Italian lawyer and offered us a perfect welcome for a first time visit to Brasil. There are weekly flights from Praia(CV) to Fortaleza (Brasilian State of CEARA)
We spent the first two and the last two nights nights there and enjoyed the garden and the birds, - and the good food: the pasta etc. Giuseppe made for us was excellent!!

To explain his objectives in Brazil, Giuseppe Gentile put up this inscription:
"We are neither pirates nor conquistadores or emigrants, just strange mariners in the sea of our lives
in the hand of god."


 This little bird (Common Tody-Flycatcher, Todirostrum cinereum) was building its nest in the garden.

The sound of the Scaled Dove (Columbia squammata) woke us in the morning.

A bird of the dry, coastal "caatinga": Tropical Mockingbird ( Mimus gilvus, in port.: Sabia-de-praia).

Eva and our driver Claudemi:

The coast near Cumbuco:

This is what they call "Tyroleza" here:

Back in Club Barbanera:
Thanks to Genisa and the staff it was always a pleasure to enjoy the services at Barbanera.

 Beaches around Fortaleza:

A final visit to the Mercado Municipal  in Fortaleza before we fly back to Cabo Verde.
What happened in between will follow soon!

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