04 Februar 2014

Excursion with Biology students

On 30. January I went to UniCV in Praia and met the Biology students. They are led by "Frank"
Domingos Lobo who many years ago trained as one of our guides. They now want to engage themselves in nature conservation. For this purpose they have founded "Assosacao Unidos pela Ambiente", short AUA. I want to support their efforts with money granted to us by the Crowder-Messersmith-Fund. I hope this group can be active in awareness programs in schools.

Our first meeting was devoted to learn the use of binoculars and a first look at the lagoon.
Plans are to meet weekly and train about 6 students to be Nature Guides.
I also brought them together with Djonny, the leader of the CARETA group who did the turtle
project in summer.
Some of the pictures were taken by Fredy, the field manager.


Frank at the scope, donated by Crowder-Messersmith-Fund

In his hut Djonny tells them about the turtle project. This year they counted 71 nests which they guarded or removed to safer places.

We walk to the lagoon. The spotting-scope acquired with CMF money will be the star today!

 The lagoon is much bigger than last year. After several cleanups plastic garbage is still there, but not
so obtrusive anymore.

We use a little bird book for identification training of waders.

Language training is very important. We'll focus on it in the future!


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