23 Februar 2014

4th Excursion with Biology students, Sat., 22.2.2014

We had already made trainings at the lagoons and at the reservoir, so there was one important birding area left to show to the participants of the Nature Guide Course: the desert in the south-East of Santiago Island.
First we met in Ecotec-House for 4 intensive hours of bird identification and language training.

In the afternoon an open Hilux took the group out to Moia Moia. There we scanned the intertidal mud flat for birds: Whimbrel, Ostercatcher, Grey Heron, Kentish Plover, ...

 Then we went on into the desert to see the spiecial species there:

Cream-coloured Courser, Wüstenrennvogel

Bar-tailed desert Lark [Ammomanes cincturus], Sandlerche
Black-crowned Sparrow Lark
Hoopoe Lark, Alaemon alaudipes, Wüstenläuferlerche
Hoopoe Lark, Alaemon alaudipes, Wüstenläuferlerche

Flight pattern reminds one of Hoopoe

These are some of Naya's pictures:

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