25 Januar 2014

Birdwatching Cape Verde: 2.) Boavista. Vogelbeobachtung auf Boavista

The only place in the Western Palaearctic and in Africa where one can see Giant Fregatebird
(Fregata magnificens) is a tiny island a few hunded meters off the south coast of Boavista. Apparently a group of about a dozen birds was once bown over from America. The number has now declined to two females so the population is destined to extinction unless males turn up pretty soon and the females start breeding.
Access to the island is forbidden and quite impossible. The views from the boat are excellent. Photography is difficult, depending on the wind, tides and waves.

Fregatebird and feeding Brown Booby in front

In the desert of Boavista chances to get pictures of Hoopoe-lark (Alaemon alaudipes) from the car are quite good.

The lagoon near Rabil is close to the hotels. It is a very beautiful birding spot. We saw cormorants, herons, waders and a Caspian Tern.

Caspian Tern (Hydroprogne caspia), Raubseeschwalbe, has a black tip to the beak

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