19 Januar 2013

Birding and Nature Tours on Santiago

After our return from Senegal we have a frist excursion with pupils from Assomada High School.
We make a little birding walk to the lagoon.
First they must learn to adjust their binoculars.

 Then they see the first birds: Turnstone and Plovers and a Sanderling

Whitecrowned sparrowlark comes to the lagoon to drink.

some rare migrants: A Norther Pintail. Spießente (Anas acuta)

Theses two birds were not easy to identify.

Two Blackwinged stilts (Himantopus h.) and (I think) a Ruff (Kampfläufer, Philomachus pugnas)
and a Sanderling (Calidris alba)

The Passerinho,  Halcyon leucocephala.

The boys who organized the turtle project in summer now go on to build a hut on the beach and the they start a clean-up. We are going to support this.

Here female and male of the endemic Jago Sparrow.

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