14 Februar 2017

Tens of Thousands of Falcons! Zehntausende Falken!

Schwer erreichbar in der Sumpflandschaft Senegals: eine Insel als Schlafplatz von Schwalbenschwanzaaren und Falken. Die Zahlenangaben gehen bis 37000! Die Reise geht per Boot, Auto und Einbaum und dauert recht lange. Aber wir haben alles ausgekundschaftet und wissen, dass man auf diese Art Ökotourismus vor Ort fördern kann.

Hidden and difficult to reach in the swamps of Senegal: a roosting place for Swallow-tailed Kites and falcons. The journey takes long: pirogue, car, dug-out canoe. We have set the trip up for guests and know that we are supporting the local efforts to create a new destination for nature-tourism.
Swallow-tailed Kite

people only go to the island for straw

I got stuck in the mud up to my waist!
we camp on the beach in the salt desert
we share Styrian-Senegalese Backhendl (chicken) with our guide
the torch is on all night to keep the hyenas away
In the morning it is getting cold!

after most of the birds have left we are allowed to approach

There are still many falcons there for us to photograph. They leave at about 9 o'clock.

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