12 März 2013

Birding on Cabo Verde

A Finnish group of birders is here. One of the rare birds they want to see is the Black Heron
Egretta ardesiaca, with its special way of hunting.

 The Passerinho, Grey-headed Kingfisher

A Spectacled Warbler takes off.


Recently we also found a good spot for the rare Hoopoe Lark and the Cream-coloured Courser

Adult and juvenile Courser.

 Wüstenrennvogel, Cursorius cursor

 Stalking the White-crowned Sparrowlark, Eremopterix nigriceps at the lagoon next to our house.

 Evening at the lake.
 A Passerinho is sitting in the corn field.

 Waiting for the Barn Owl. It comes at 19:10

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