13 Februar 2013

Cooperation with local youth groups

When the local youth group CARETA (the same that in summer had started the turtle project)
began to build a hut on the beach we were prepared to accept it although it stood in our view, because they also were prepared to keep the beach clean and protect turtles and birdlife.

Here they are burning the garbage after a clean-up.

In the course of a few days I could convince them, that the exposed position of the buiding, right on the edge of the sandy beach was not perfect and proposed to put it a little farther back, where it would be more protected from the winds.
We also gave them € 300.- from our money for the construction.
Here the protocol and the hand over of the money.

The protocol says they have three weeks. They start on the next weekend and move the pillars and start building the hut.

Also at the reservoir the locals are very helpful. Here they set up our old hide which they had guarded over the summer. I hope to get the first shots out of it soon.

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