19 März 2010

A week in Senegal

It is only a flight of 1,20hrs from Praia to Dakar. The old Saint Louis Sun Hotel has a nice green
patio and a good restaurant.

Local KORA players come and play for money. We make a nice recording.

21 strings!
Markets in Dakar are huge, noisy affairs!

Antiques from Mali.

Not at all antique but very beautiful: still she couldn't get me the HP printer cartridge I was looking for!
Evening above the hotel: hundreds of kites (Milvus migrans) looking for a place to sleep in the trees or on houses.

Right beside the deserted railwastation: the Mali market. From here a weekly train is supposed to go to Bamako. It hasn't moved for almost half a year. There will be a new train soon, - so people say.
Mali market: really difficult to get pictures here!!

As Dakar is situated on an peninsula all the traffic entering or leaving the town is bottlenecked.
They are building a motorway, but meanwhile there are huge traffic jams. 2 hrs at least. Thousands of cars, hundreds of people making business there. You can buy everything from food and drink to vegetables and underwear from your car!

The 270 km north to St. Luis are a fast drive over the savanna.
Old bridge crossing the Senegal River in St. Luis:

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Brigitte hat gesagt…

Liebe Eva und Herbert,

es war sehr nett, euch auf Zebrabar kennen zu lernen. Über eure schönen Fotos freue ich mich sehr. Jetzt habe ich auch noch professionelles Bildmaterial, das ich meiner restlichen Familie zeigen kann!
Herzliche Grüße aus dem Salzburger-Land und alles Liebe